Our Materials

Since we use several different material groups in producing PetraBell sets, which is what we think makes them so beautiful, we spend much time and effort properly sourcing them. In general when a manufacturer sources materials, it has options. It can go for the cheapest ones to cut costs. It can choose ultra-rare and therefore usually very expensive ones. It may choose to include philosophical and ethical principles in its sourcing policy.

We hear a lot these days about sustainability. Consumers are more actively and deliberately holding manufacturers accountable to principles of protecting the environment, assuring that if we use natural materials (like wood and natural stone), we do so with sustainability as a top priority. We agree with and applaud this and we thank all consumers for holding back their dollars (which is ultimately the best way) in order to affect the great changes we have seen in manufacturing over the past two decades.

We also hear about labor ethics these days. How does a company treat its employees throughout its supply chain? If it employs people who are performing difficult, strenuous, sometimes-dangerous work, does it take care to ensure safety measures are always in place? Does it properly compensate this important work?

At Palácio we are committed to both principles: care for people and care for the earth. From harvesting materials, to processing, to transportation, to more processing, to final delivery to our members, the journey your Palácio Fitness equipment takes is one where to the very best of our ability we have made sure that we Care for People and Care for the Earth.

Our promise to you

Upon receiving your PetraBellsTM set, you will instantly love it and right then and there have your first PetraBell workout. Your fitness life, your health and well-being will never be the same.